Pebbles Underground film and video art is focused on showcasing experimental, avant-garde, underground, and no-to-low budget moving image projects by artist-humans from all over the world. Absurd, uncanny, witty, humorous, slow film, performance, dance – all are welcomed, and loved. We don’t provide platform for mainstream media: not that there is anything wrong with mainstream, it just has a lot of space anyway.

Pebbles Underground itself is an independent project not funded by any government or corporation, and we intend to keep it that way. Main source of funding is personal donations from humans organizing the project, who are artists themselves, and the main drive of the project is formed by the energy and involvement of the organizers, and the public. Our team is multinational, to ensure diversity of points of view.

From time to time, we organize screenings of works by contemporary video artists and filmmakers, and post on other moving image art related subjects. During open calls we step into the selection process without any theme in mind, allowing the received projects shape the “conversation.”

We are based in Canada, you can contact us at

We are currently open for submissions from contemporary experimental artists.