So happy to share with you today’s incredible find: all four parts of 1992 Eighth International Women’s Day Video Festival. Four programs, full of cultural nuances of the time… Certain details, such as the intro and outro of each program, the secondary visual characteristics, can provide information on these not so distant times. The topics covered however are still very much relevant (unfortunately).

We want to express our gratitude to humans who maintain the Internet Archive online platform, making so many cultural products available for free.

8th International Women’s Day Video Festival 1992 – Part 1


“I am your sister” conference over view, by Jennifer Abod

“Different Threads, One Fabric” by Kate Gallager

“The Brookline Look: Model Mugging” by Brookline Access Television

“John Elliot Square Speaks Out” by Christine Roderick

“Women of Vellore: Sister Stories” by Linda L. Pierce

“Here” by Cheryl Marie Wade

“Body Language Dancers ‘Oh People’ ” by Patti Labelle.

8th International Women’s Day Video Festival 1992 – Part 2


“Whisper, the Waves, the Wind” by Suzane Lacy, celebrating older women

“Whisper the Women” by Barbara Weaver

“Interview with Marsha Small” by Evelyn Spears

“Misty” by Garner & Burke

“Teaching Peace” by Betty Murther Jacob

“Planning and Operating a Quality Day Care” by Doris Raphael

“De Alla Para Aca: Living Between Two Cultures” by Lenore F. Cordoza

“Sink or Swim” by Su Friedrich

8th International Women’s Day Video Festival 1992 – Part 3


“In Her Chosen Field” National Film Board of Canada

“Quite a Problem… Sexual Harassment” by Kathy Desmond

“Doubting Thomas” by Leslie A. Purcell

“Fiercely Piercing Towards a Struggle of Opposition” poem read by Tina D’Elia

“Every Woman Has a Story” Cambridge Women in Cable

“Rule of Thumb” by Jill Petzall

“More Than a Survivor” by Sharon Gonsalves and Christin Taber.

8th International Women’s Day Video Festival 1992 – Part 4


“Warning Media May Be Hazardous to Your Health” by Jenai Lane

“Mixed Messages” by Kathryn Brew

“J. Mayne Reads Soap Opera Magazines” by Paper Tiger Television Collective

“Can You See Me Now” by Holly Nattall

Batucada Belles “Guaguanco” Traditional Cuban Rhythm.

“We All Live Downstream: How Pollution on the Mississippi is effecting health” by A. C. Warden and Karen Hirsch

“Jungleland” by Kelley Caffey

“The Longest Shadow” by Kalina Ivanov

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