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“The Chaotic Melody of Tina” (00:01:43) by David Anderson, Aaron Perra, USA, 2022


TRIGGER WARNING: Includes meth use throughout, along with sex, nudity, weapons, and graphic bloody scenes throughout.

A man who struggles with meth addiction has reached rock bottom. His mind constantly races as he nears death.

About the directors

David Anderson lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He attended film school at New York Film Academy. He produces, directs, and writes films that reflect the political/ social climate and life as a member of the LGBT community. He has won five film awards, including the Florence Film Award for Best LGBT Short and the London International Monthly Film Festival for Honorable Mention. His influences include Dustin Lance Black, Spike Lee, Ryan Murphy, Jordan Peele, Martin Scorsese, Madonna, Greg Berlanti, Jane Campion, Melissa Etheridge, Freddie Mercury, and David Fincher.

Aaron Perra lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Chaotic Melody of Tina marks his directorial debut. He’s also a multi award winning actor, writer, singer, stylist and painter. His most notable award wins include London International Monthly Film and Festival and Bol News Hybrid Art Awards. His works reflect on the social climate and nature. His cinematic style is described as edgy, fearless, and authentic. His inspirations include Walt Whitman, Pablo Picasso, Lizzo, and Britney Spears.

By pebbles

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