The work was open to the public for free for a limited amount of time only! October 20 – November 3.


“I Bhfad as Amharc (Out of Sight) (Outro)” (00:02:37) by Jelena Perišić, Serbia, 2020

Director Statement: “A music video I made for an experimental song of mine, “I Bhfad as Amharc (Out of Sight) (Outro)”, from my EP “Seanchroí (Old Heart)”, in which I’m exploring the topic of communication (or lack thereof), and the difficulties of trying to move away from the events, things or persons that are causing us distress. Do our efforts to move away from them mentally/emotionally and physically only result in them getting closer and closer to us?”

About the director: As a translator, writer, musician/singer and visual artist, my interests are at the intersection of music, visual art, interactive storytelling and language. I am mainly interested in using interdisciplinary/multimedia approach to create experiences through which I am hoping to inspire others to look at reality in a different way and notice its hidden aspects they may have overlooked before due to the mechanized everyday life.

I have always felt the need to combine different media to properly express, or rather uncover, imaginary/unseen worlds within myself and around me. The reason for this could be my eclectic educational background and interests: I have BA degrees in Nordic languages and literature and Computer Multimedia, I am working as a translator, I have learned/practiced creative writing, I am singing, writing and creating visual art and music.

By pebbles

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