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“The Elasticity of a Moment” (00:03:36) by Navya Sah, India, 2022


“How long can a moment last?

There is a constant push and pull in our lives between the conditioning to keep moving and our body’s desire to rest. The elasticity of the moment attempts to maintain this tension and extends and expands the length of a moment.

A moment can be long or short depending on our perception of it. This film is an attempt to slow down through heightening the viewer’s senses.

Shot in real time, the slow movement tires the performer out as she resolves to fall asleep and just rest. Simply shot on the iPhone and breaking the boundaries of film, dance and sound, this film challenges the ways of filmmaking and invites thought.”

About the director

Navya Sah works in the realms of filmmaking, performance, sound and writing. Her work studies emotional responses by creating conflicting art on the politics of power and love. Her film work as sync sound recordist has travelled all over the world including festivals like the Berlinale, Big Sky Dock Fest, Sheffield Doc Fest 2022, London Indian Film Festival and IFFK, Kerala.

She has been longlisted for TFA 2022, published in The Edit Online

Magazine for Allbright Australia, Bengaluru Review Spring Issue 2021, The Enclosed Garden #2, The Bombay Review, Formerly 3rd World and Intimately Intricate. She has also been a children’s writer at Kutuki, an educational app for Indian children.

More about her work on

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