The work was open to the public for free for a limited amount of time only! October 20 – November 3.


“C-19” (00:01:23) by Philippos Kappa, Greece, 2020


In a year under the COVID-19 pandemic and in a year of self-isolation self-reflection and introspection, and in a year of understanding how fragile are the systems that society is currently built upon I produce a Video work as a metaphorical social examination of the current situation under the pandemic.

The sound of the piece is a medical sound recorder of the lungs of a COVID-19 patient when he is breathing in a hospital, the visual part in slow motion is a group of people that have collapse one over the other and try to breathe, escape and survive under the pressure that one receives from the other.

This work investigates and explores the relationship between the individual and the group’s behaviour, how they exist coexist and interact

Director’s statement

I am interested in art as a metaphorical social examination.

We live in a visual era, but pieces of information always accompany the visual image.

The information can transform the content and the interpretation of an image.

My work addresses and

explores the interconnections between image and data, and investigates how data influences one’s understanding of the visual representation and how changes in the twenty-first century like the mass media and the vast amount of information transform the way we see and interpret the visual world.

The original footage in my work is from archived material, which I have processed. When the who, where, when and why are removed from an image, new suspended images emerge. For an image to define its living space, it must be detached from its physical space.

By pebbles

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