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“Closer led” (Blíže vedle) (00:10:24) by David Šourek, Czech Republic, 2023

The story of two observers and narrators, a wanderer and a soldier. As we traverse a complicated journey, we venture through fragments of light into forests and cliffs. In their thoughts, they are getting closer to their destination, but their path is increasingly off course. Fragmented moments of contemplation come from their mouths, providing space for storytelling by the fire and the hike that brings their thoughts to the surface as their steps navigate winding terrain.


As a dedicated filmmaker currently learning my craft at the FAMU – Film Academy in Prague, I am immersed in cinema, focusing on the avant-garde. Currently pursuing my studies at the CAS (Centre for Audiovisual Studies), my passion lies in experimental film and video art.

My artistic journey is characterized by a profound interest in pushing the boundaries of conventional storytelling. I find myself drawn to the realm of experiment, where I explore the uncharted territories of analog media, embrace the spontaneity of improvisation, and navigate the fluid landscapes of liquid narratives.

Director, Producer: David Šourek

Cast: Ondřej Svoboda, Martin Motl Key Cast

Sound: Jáchym Štulíř 


By pebbles

Pebbles Underground is focused on showcasing and promoting experimental, avant-garde, underground, and no-to-low budget projects by artist-humans from all over the world. Absurd, uncanny, witty, humorous, slow-video – all are welcomed, and loved. Pebbles Underground is an independent project not funded by any government or corporation, and we intend to keep it that way. Main source of funding is personal donations from humans organizing the project, who are artists themselves, and the main drive of the project is formed by the energy and involvement of the organizers, and the public.