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“Listen to me” (00:05:27) by Inara Vidal Passos, Brazil, 2023

Listening is an experience that happens inside our body in a sense. The intention is to use the sculptures to merge the sounds of earth and contemporary creation processes, problematizing the relationship between subjects and the environment.

The video performance “Listen to Me” was filmed in an ecosystem called the Atlantic Forest in December 2022, on the north coast of São Paulo. Two months later, a hill collapsed due to a heavy rain, damaging houses, bringing death and destruction to the region.

Director statement

I am the author of the sound sculpture “The head that sings” used in the video. I am currently interested in sound systems activated from ceramic sculptures using older technologies. This research was launched during a pandemic, a time when, in my opinion, the planet decanted. I heard that the seismograph measured and confirmed the frightening decrease in the impact of our movements on Earth in the first days of the quarantine when we stopped. So I started thinking about our relationship with silence and listening and how they permeate and transcend us today.

Work by: Inara Vidal Passos

Ceramic sculpture: “The head that sings” by Inara Vidal Passos


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