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“ILLEGAL contemplation” (00:03:18) by Rrose Present, Catalonia, 2017

Contemplation could be an act of sensitive rebellion.

An eye that unlearns laws from the gaze of a “colonizer”.

Yellow has become an illegal color in Catalonia because it is a symbol for the freedom of Catalan political prisoners.

The Spanish state can not prohibit the flowers of the mimosas from returning to bloom.

Like painting a time, with a playful montage of yellow sea caressed by the wind.

Homage to “Imagine an eye unruled by man-made laws…” by Stan Brakhage and the Catalan Political Prisoners and Poems by my mother, Roser


Rrose Present was born in Barcelona where she graduated in Fine Arts for the University of Barcelona. Beca Séneca audio-visual UPV. She also holds a Masters degree in Philosophy of Contemporary Art from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and Fundació Miró.

Director, Producer: Rrose Present 

By pebbles

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