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“Floaters” (00:09:22) by Xiaoqi Yang, UK, 2023

“Floaters” alludes to the progressive metamorphosis of the translucent vitreous humor within the eye, wherein the vitreous undergoes liquefaction, resulting in minuscule debris suspended within. My identity within China’s sexual minority community places me at the periphery of the collective.

In “Floaters,” the interaction between reality, dreams, and reality is explored. This artistic piece employs traditional folk remedies to challenge entrenched gender stereotypes. As I navigate this narrative, I question the value of passing down outdated perceptions. Is it an homage to the past or a manifestation of resignation? “Floaters” embodies this query, prompting viewers to ponder the interplay between tradition and the present.

As dreams serve as a microcosm of actuality, I ask: Can the line between dreams and reality be distinguished? “Floaters” is an expedition of self-discovery and societal introspection, illuminating the delicate balance between tradition and contemporary perspectives.

Director, Producer: Xiaoqi Yang

Performers: Alex Chan, Xiaoqi Yang, Yunlong Li, Gordon Gui, Jichi Zhang

Artistic director: Yuyue He

Sound design: Yidan Xu

DOP: Keng Huang


By pebbles

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