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“Untitled Electric” (00:05:03) by Kevin Victor, Australia, 2022

Fragments from an unidentified silent film.

“Untitled Electric” belongs to that most maligned of genres-the found footage film. However what sets this piece apart is that the footage was in fact not produced but found, the Director’s role in this instance reduced to a purely functional and administrative one.

The footage consists of fragments of an unidentified silent film interspersed with what appears to be a television commercial (which bizarrely also remains unidentified) and bookended by a home video travelogue.

Presented as found, unedited and raw, Untitled Electric plays like an abstract meditation on time and impermanence. The kind of film that leaves the viewer feeling that little bit more alone, wistful for lost childhood moments on the journey home.

It should also be stated that despite a brief depiction of urination, the piece is neither confronting, obscene or otherwise challenging.


Kevin Victor is a writer and director from Melbourne, Australia.

Director, producer: Kevin Victor 

By pebbles

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