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“Da`im or: The Sound that the Mother Makes When Her Babies Break” (00:07:53) by Kuda Bux, Yahshiyya, Philippines, 2022

Man, betrayed by the hollow echoes of his hammer, smashes the sphere to reveal the vehicle away from the hole, towards the hole. The inescapable gift of fertility fulfills his ultimate duty to make the world obscure again in order to reclaim what was known.

Directors Statement

An ode to the inauguration of man’s inescapable fertility as the imperishable nature of will, Da`im or: The Sound that the Mother Makes When Her Babies Break is our desire overflowing into creation. It is a mystical calling that forces us in search of ourselves through the divine that resides from word to flesh. Our tool is the finitude of the world where the eternal cry of the mother is restricted in order for her presence to flow into our reality. Da`im is our will concentrated into an 8-minute mixed media experimental film.

Director Bio

Kuda Bux (b. 1991) has been running around the streets of Cebu doing what he thinks is an approximation of whatever art is. Over the years he has been running near-zero budget productions with Aprum-Oves and Corner House Productions creating scrap videos and junk stories.

Yahshiyya (b. 1999) is a writer and poet from an Islamic tribe on the southernmost island of the Philippines. Da`im or: The Sound that the Mother Makes When Her Babies Break is her debut directorial film.

Directors: Kuda Bux, Yahshiyya

Writers: Kuda Bux, Yahshiyya

Cast: Jade Abello, Aemilia

Producers: Joshua Lee Restauro, Yasmin Mahmood Thabet


By pebbles

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