The work was open for online viewing between December 20 – January 6.


“Urubá” (00:15:00) by Rodrigo Sena, Brazil, 2021


The spirit world around you takes place much more through the third eye than through the physical ones. To Luiz’s eyes, that which is invisible is not invisible thanks to his spiritual sensitivity.


Director Bio

Rodrigo Sena is a photographer and an audiovisual director. He has worked in photography for 20 years, and journalism for 10 years. Rodrigo Sena developed advertising pieces, directed and photographed 4 award-winning short films, and is currently finalizing the Encantarias series for cineBrasilTv. He owns the production company Ori Audiovisual and is a partner at Aboca Audiovisual.

Director, Writer, Producer: Rodrigo Sena

Cast: Luiz Gonzaga de Melo



By pebbles

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