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“Hippomane Mancinella” (00:11:00) by Ricardo Muñoz izquierdo, Colombia

A man who wanders through the jungle in search of his ritual of memory, torture, and perverse imagination. He is seeking violence and the grotesque device of truth and reflection, the ironic and impossible as personal mythology, and the excessive sacred as threshold sanity.

A severed and solitary tree embodies a past and a future full of blood, impregnated with psychedelia and death. A tree is a metaphor for a world without mercy, without consolation.

Heads that travel through the imagination’s various probable worlds overflow the vision in fantastic and post-apocalyptic moments.

The diverse characters and scenes arise from visions and real, fictionalized, and violent events. Tragic and chilling anecdotes such as the story of Marino López, the farmer whose head the paramilitary groups played soccer with. A farmer from the region of Cacarica had an anonymous life and now occupies a place in Colombia’s history for the act of cruelty of which he was a victim. July 31, 2015.

Director Bio

Ricardo Muñoz izquierdo is currently an associate resident of Umbert Rock Arts Factory, tutored by Joan Fontcuberta. He has studied at the Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira. Universidad de bolas, Brazil. National internships of the Ministry of Culture of Colombia under the tutorial of Juan Mejía and Maria Isabel rueda. Director of the artistic residence La Cuenca Pereira. Ricardo has succeeded in building a characteristic language of broad remembrance. The results of his work oscillate between eschatology, violence, sacred, erotic crudity and autobiography to propose a particular surrealism.

Postulating a singular working methodology, Muñoz explores different techniques without exhausting each one’s achievements. His projects range from urban art to sound experimentation, from drawing to animation, from screen printing to fazine, from painting to sculpture, from performance to art direction; and vice versa.

Director, Writer, Producer: Ricardo Muñoz izquierdo

Music: Juan Sebastián Castaño 

Cast: Álvaro García, Camilo Barreneche




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