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“MAGPIE” (00:03:34) by Ian GIbbins, Australia, 2022

The Australian Magpie (Gymnorhina tibicen) has extraordinary vocal ability, trilling and carolling a wide range of calls, often together, and often at night. It not related to the European or North American Magpies.

The audio for this piece was developed around a recording I made of a magpie singing at night behind our house. I transcribed two of the melodies and then worked out how to play and arrange them. The chorus includes the actual voice of the magpie. The audio during the credits is an unedited sample of three magpies carolling on a still winter’s night.

The video is animated from footage of magpies around our house, in Belair National Park, and on the Victorian coast during a storm; local trees at night; and the word “magpie”.

The text in the video contains samples from the following sources:

“Australian Magpie: Biology and Behaviour of an Unusual Songbird” by Gisela Kaplan, 2004, CSIRO Press

“Australian Bird Names: Origins and Meanings” by Ian Fraser & Jeannie Gray, 2nd ed, 2019, CSIRO Publishing

“A Field Guide to the Birds of Australia” by Graham Pizzey, 1980, Harper Collins.

Director Bio

Ian Gibbins is a widely published poet, video artist and electronic musician with four collections of poetry, all in collaboration with artists. His video and audio work has featured in gallery exhibitions, public art commissions, performances and international festivals. He previously was a neuroscientist and professor of anatomy. 

Director, Audio recordings / composition / performance: Ian GIbbins


VideoChannel Interview Project – Interview with Ian Gibbins:

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