The work was open for online viewing between December 20 – January 6.


“Planeta Carnom” (00:09:43) by Michelle Longpre, Canada, 2022

‘Planeta Carnom’ is an exploration through vast fleshscapes of human anatomy, meditating on the beautiful yet alien nature of our own bodies.

Director Statement

‘Planeta Carnom’ is inspired by the terrible beauty of 19th century medical illustrations and the immense feeling captured by plein air landscape paintings. These, paired with filming techniques used by the famous ‘Planet Earth’ documentary series, this film journeys through our flesh world as a pioneer through new lands, both strange yet familiar.

Director Bio

Michelle Longpre is an illustrator and animator with a Bachelor of Design from Alberta University of the Arts. She has been a freelance artist for years and has been creating custom illustrations and animations as well as refining her own personal projects. With the aid of grants from the Alberta Foundation of the Arts and Canada Council of the Arts she has spent the last three years developing and producing her film ‘Planeta Carnom’. During development she participated in the annual 2020 Quickdraw Lockdown Animation Challenge and her film ‘Searching’ received the ‘Jury Special Award for Outstanding Film’ award as well as runner up for ‘Audience Choice’ award.

Her work is inspired by the human form, humanities relationship with machine and nature, and the delicate patterns found within the world both macro and micro. She also has a comedic streak and enjoys making playful short comics documenting her trips through Canada and beyond. When she isn’t lost in a sketchbook, she can be found jogging with her dog or baking a loaf of sourdough bread.


Director, Producer: Michelle Longpre

Sound Design: Brock Geiger, Ryan VonHagen


By pebbles

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