The work was open for online viewing between December 20 – January 6.


“DaDA Ship” (00:04:22) by Gwendolyn Audrey Foster, USA 2019

A Dadaist time travel film. A ship on the oceans of time, born out of a dream. Our dreams offer unparalleled luxury travel, after all. A celebration of all things queer and dada. A hand-made split-screen experimental film using the technique of disrupted stereoscopy and collage détournement of found images.

Director Statement

My experimental and avant-garde work explores the hybrid space between film & video through collage and abstraction techniques. I create many of my films & videos from recycled “found” materials, combining elements of Surrealism, eco-feminism, punk, LGBTQ+ queerness, détournement, and chance editing (automatism). Chance is my favorite collaborator. I am dedicated to making deeply personal no budget films. I often compose the music and soundscapes for my films, which have been described as surreal, contemplative, and hypnotic.

Director Bio

Gwendolyn Audrey Foster is an experimental film video artist, author, and activist. Her work has screened internationally at many film festivals and solo shows. Originally from New York City, Foster is Willa Cather Professor Emerita in Film Studies at University of Nebraska.

Director, Producer, Music: Gwendolyn Audrey Foster


By pebbles

Pebbles Underground is focused on showcasing and promoting experimental, avant-garde, underground, and no-to-low budget projects by artist-humans from all over the world. Absurd, uncanny, witty, humorous, slow-video – all are welcomed, and loved. Pebbles Underground is an independent project not funded by any government or corporation, and we intend to keep it that way. Main source of funding is personal donations from humans organizing the project, who are artists themselves, and the main drive of the project is formed by the energy and involvement of the organizers, and the public.