The work was open for online viewing between December 20 – January 6.


“Sanaa, Seductress of Strangers” (00:03:00) by Jan Eilhardt, Germany 2021

Sanaa has been working as a city guide in Berlin-Wedding for years. But work alone is not enough for her. She is stubborn and trans. Her passion for the migrant men in the neighborhood really keeps her on her toes.    

Director Statement:

We filmed [the work] on Super 8. The film was made during a workshop by transdemo e.V. in cooperation with LaborBerlin e.V. The Super 8 footage was initially shown silently and interactively at the ‘AUCH neighborhood is art festival #3’ at Lobe Block Wedding and at bi’bak/ Sinema Transtopia Berlin. This year I edited the material into a proper film. The incident of the activist Sanaa is conceived as a re-enactment and is based on her experience in the migrant context in which she lives.

Director Bio

Jan Eilhardt studied Film and Performance (amongst others under Marina Abramović) at the University of Fine Arts of Hamburg, and during which he worked under Heiner Müller in the theatre. In 2001 he received the renowned Government arts grant from the Kunstfonds Bonn, and in 2004 featured ‘Quasar’ at the Art Film Biennale Museum Ludwig, Cologne. Since then his features, shorts and music videos have been shown at film festivals, in cinema as well as in museum and gallery programs throughout the world. In 2013 Jan premiered his first feature length film ‘The Court of Shards’ at the Slamdance Film Festival in Park City. His award-winning short film ‘The Last Night of Baby Gun’ was narrated by Eva Mattes (famous for her work with Rainer Werner Fassbinder and Werner Herzog). He recently finished his second feature film ‘The Real Court of Shards’, a sequel to his first. His third feature is in development.


Director: Jan Eilhardt

Writers: Sanaa Schlaeger, Jan Eilhardt

Producers: Gerrit Woltemath, Nora Molitor

Key Cast: Sanaa Schlaeger, Santiago Gómez Rojas, Aarash Hejaz

Eilhardt Productions

By pebbles

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