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“Deep In – Pain” (00:05:00) by Anna Löffelhardt, Negar Malayeri, Italy, 2022

For this piece, we confronted a small group of people with a basic but yet rich emotion, PAIN. People with different backgrounds, genders and interpretations of the concept were asked to react to the sentences and questions, without previous knowledge of the topic. Everyone was free to express themselves the way they wanted to. These participants and their train of thought became a performance, evoking emotions in the people who watch the video and maybe react to this topic themselves, becoming part of the performance in their own space. Our goal was to investigate a basic human emotion and the reactions towards it.


Anna Löffelhardt and Negar Malayeri met during their university studies in Italy. Anna is from Germany and Negar is from Iran. Even with international differences they found mutual interests in conceptual Art. They have worked together on multiple interdisciplinary projects between Fashion, Video and art.

Directors, writers: Anna Löffelhardt and Negar Malayeri 

Cast: Chris Chellenbron, Laura Gianotti, Camilla Magrini, Carlos Liguori, Valentina Adené, Margherita Manni, Stefana Radu, Nicole Mauri, Patrick Accettura, Dani Marie Bordignon

Assistance: Anna Cappa

Videographer & Editor: Francesca Buonocore




By pebbles

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