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“SONG FOR HARON (III)” (00:04:24) by Janja Rakuš, Slovenia, 2023

No living being can cross the Styx, only those who are destined for the Kingdom of the Spirits I will ferry across.

Brief and quick cinematic gaze into the eternal mythology of the Underworld. If the first Song evokes dark waters of river Styx, second illuminates the presence of psychopomp Haron in splendour of Paradise, than the third Song reveals the journey of Haron through otherworldly landscapes into the depth and core of the planet Earth.


Janja Rakuš is an award winning visual and performing artist, filmmaker and writer. In 2008 she finished her MD of Performing Arts at DasArts in Amsterdam. Her work has been screened,translated and exhibited all around the Blue Globe, from Latin America,China, India to Rome, Tallin, Porto,Amsterdam, Paris and Cannes where she received 1st AVIFF Cannes Award 2019 for her short film ALCHEMY ON THE AMSTEL(III).

Director, producer: Janja Rakuš

Music: Aube; “Ma’dan” Persian Traditional Music



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