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“Holy Blood” (00:04:58) by Jonathan Rochier, France, 2023

The crowd can be seen as a sum of individualities but also as an autonomous acting power with its own logic and structure. Holy Blood is an organic, social, and sensitive experience of a mass of pins, its behavior crosses the three modalities: community, communitarianism, communion.


Jonathan Rochier is a French director. Jonathan directed his first animated film in stop motion and direct animation, Fantoche (2016), selected in around twenty international festivals and won the prize for best animated film three times. This first school film marks the beginnings of an aesthetic that mixes the devices for creating animated images.

He self-produced several short films and documentaries and directed, from 2016 to today, «Appelle-moi poésie », a documentary WEB&TV series, each episode of which features a current French-speaking poet. “Holy Blood” (2023) is Jonathan’s first experimental film, it mixes several animation devices including magnetism, video projection and live action.

Director: Jonathan Rochier

Music: Tristan Leyri

By pebbles

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