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“The North Wind and The Sun” (00:04:56) by Anat Pollack, USA, 2023

“The North Wind and The Sun”  is a dance and video project. I worked with the dancer/choreographer who performed for the camera. I choreographed the dance with the footage within the video. Both the dancer and I, the artist/director, are excited about and interested in hiding and revealing the human body.

Through split screen editing, I was able to focus on individual body parts and pair them up with other parts of the human body to create anamorphic bodies. I was interested in how the different body parts, especially the hands, could communicate, alone and in context.

The work speaks about the fungibility of the human body. While the dancer is female-identifying, it is clear that the body, once devoid of being a solid container through the radical editing in the split screen, becomes a proxy for all human bodies.  We are all bodies. We are all form. We are other than the sum of our parts. 


Anat Pollack’s works explore the perception and pliability of the experience of time altered through emotional encounters, particularly in relation to trauma. She is a convergent media artist that layers and repeats sounds and images to prompt indiscernible triggers, paralleling the act of perception and memory processing in real time. In doing so, Pollack employs digital and mechanical systems as a bridge between the interactivity of the mind, body, and technology.

Pollack has exhibited works nationally and internationally. Notably, she has had solo exhibitions at the ARC Gallery in Chicago and the Kansas City Artist Coalition. Pollack’s work has been in exhibited at the M.I.A.D Venado Tuerto Muestra Internacional de Arte Digital in Argentina, the VII Salon de Arte Digital at the Centro Pablo de la Torriente Brau in Cuba, the APEX Gallery in New York, the Post Alley Film Festival in Seattle, the New Forms Festival in Canada, and and Data Poesis in Colorado. She has presented her research at RSVP Words, Images, and and the Framing of Social Reality Conference at the New School in New York City. Pollack received a BA from Indiana University and an MFA from Carnegie Mellon University.

Director, sound design: Anat Pollack

Dancer and analogue choreographer: Merry Lynn Morris 

Cast: Merry Lynn Morris


By pebbles

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