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“Dreams of the Past” (00:20:00) by Dmitri Frolov, Russia, 2022

A film about peace, love and war. Dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the end of the Civil War in Russia. The film takes place at the end of the summer of 1917, when Russia and the whole world were at a crossroads between two eras. None of the people could even imagine how much his life would change in the very near future. In a strange way, the atmosphere of the film echoes our current reality and what is happening in Russia today. According to the form of visualization, the film belongs to experimental mockumentary cinema. To give greater authenticity to what is happening on the screen, the shooting was carried out on black-and-white negatives of 16 and 35 mm, hand-operated cameras were used and the material was developed in manual spiral tanks. The documentary chronicle of the Kolchak army of 1919 and the White army in the Far East of 1922 is embedded in the finale of the film.


Dmitri Frolov was born in Leningrad in 1966. He graduated from The Institute of Film & Television in 1990.

Dmitri Frolov worked at LENFILM Studios and then for the STV film company as a cameraman, in which capacity he has worked with many independent filmmakers.

He began to shoot his own films before the start of perestroika, in the early 1980s, He is one of the leaders of Russian avant-garde in post perestroika age. Frolov makes aesthetic experiments returning to silent cinema on a new level of avant-garde.

Dmitri Frolov shoots exclusively on “Svema” film. Even despite the fact that the film material, and the factory was left far in the Soviet past, and the film is not released, he revives the footage, while continuing to be faithful to the brand he selected as a child. When asked why, he replied that only “Svema”, because of its unpredictability and non-uniformity of the emulsion, is the living material able to convey the thrill of the character of life and even the seemingly inanimate object.

The Svema Production Association is a Soviet and Ukrainian enterprise for the production of photographic materials.




Director, Writer, Producer, DOP, Editor: Dmitri Frolov

Composer: Sergey Oskolkov


Dmitri Frolov – “Officer”

Sergey Oskolkov – “Musician”

Ludmila Konyaeva – “Lady”

Olga Kirillova – “Marina Tsvetayeva”

Dmitri Ivashentsov – “Painter”

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