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“F A M” (00:03:18) by Ioanna Mitza. Greece, 2021

“F A M” is a video work created by Ioanna Mitza and performed by herself and her family, Antoneta (mother), Petro (father), and Aljon (brother) Mitza.

The work films the artist playing on the piano the 1st Prelude from J.S. Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier, while persistently looking at the camera.


Ioanna Mitza, (1990, Albania) grew up in Athens and works in the Netherlands as an interdisciplinary artist. She holds a BA in piano solo performance from the Norwegian Academy of Music (NMH) in Oslo, and a BFA from BEAR at ArtEZ in Arnhem, The Netherlands.

In September 2023 she will start a two-year MA in Studio Immediate Spaces (Sandberg Institute) in Amsterdam, parallel to the one-year course Sonology department (Royal Conservatory) in The Hague.

Together with the architect and artist Pegy Zali (GR) is the founder of the artist duo named 1992, which negotiates and explores several contemporary issues of the mass migration of Albanians to Greece in the ’90s. She coordinates and leads the commissioned and periodical sonic workshops, Consideration of Sound (COS), at Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA), commissioned by Studio11 ASFA (2021-2023). Ioanna was a selected artist for the Gelderland Biennial 2022 and has participated in exhibitions and projects among others at Museum Arnhem (NL), Museum Valkhof (NL), Veem House (NL), Theater a/d Rijn (NL), Omstand (NL), De Appel (NL), W139 (NL), State of Concept (GR), Callirroë (GR), Communitism (GR), and MEME (GR).


As a performance artist and musician, I use improvisation and on-site composition as key components in my practice, while – what is considered to be – public space is my open studio and platform for interventions and experimentation. As a video artist and filmmaker, I seek and frame the context where the ‘real’ and unprocessed become surreal through the camera lens and my own perspective, so that ‘reality’ and representation can be questioned and seen otherwise.

Director, producer: Ioanna Mitza

Cast: Petro Mitzas, Christofer Mitzas, Antoneta Mitza


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