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“Acta Nocturna” (00:12:34) by Pako Quijada, Germany, 2021

“Currently in its Beta phase, the Acta Nocturna program is a 2 week immersive experience for those having trouble with their sleep. By creating nightly rituals, maximum efficiency of sleep will be achieved.”

Serving as a parodic promotional video, the project brings attention to the overwhelming nature of today’s targeted marketing practices. Combining choreographed movement and a surreal tone, it ultimately highlights the demand placed on customers and the often ill-defined line separating them from becoming the product.

Director Statement

By thematising the absurdity of marketing, preying on the tiredness and desperation of the chronically sleep-deprived viewer, Acta Nocturna takes on my personal experience with insomnia with humour. I use influences from a multitude of sources to portray how something as banal as sleeping is being marketed as an experience, with corporations presenting it as something in need of constant fine-tuning and optimisation. Just like Pavlov’s dogs, the viewer-turned-consumer is conditioned by the repetition of messages, being asked more and more by the service provider, to the point where they end up becoming the product.


Pako Quijada is a multidisciplinary artist, predominantly working with photography and film. They studied Photography and Filmmaking in San Sebastián, Spain.

Their work places itself at the centre of the psychological gravitas of emotions and the construction of memory. With cinema as a constant referent, their work mixes magic and the surreal with the lived experience, eventually bringing existential questions to the forefront. Analytical in its approach, but visceral in its result, their artistic output places inherently political and highly personal topics into a universal arena.

They are currently living and working in Berlin, Germany.

Director, writer: Pako Quijada

Producers: Pako Quijada, Kristian Askelund

Cast: Anna Dushime, Paula Henningsen, Hana Sakamoto, Pako Quijada

Choreography: Anna-Lise Marie Hearn

Costume supervision: Andrea Servert

Motion graphics: Forat Sami




By pebbles

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