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“Inked” (00:11:33) by Maka Kiladze, Georgia, 2022

In order to create something new from an existing object, you need to disassemble it, deconstruct it, and then try to create something new.

Each new is the end of something old.

The disassembled parts of the letters of the Hebrew are separate letters. Shin is the 21st letter sign in the Hebrew alphabet. It consists of three symmetrical lines leading upwards. In Gematria, Shin represents the number 300. The decomposition of its namesake, Shin [300] – Yodh [10] – Nunh [50], gives the geometric meaning of 360, denoting 360, a complete cycle, and also a complete circle. And in another meaning, Shin means a lie.

The letter is found on Mezuzah, in which the Bible’s text is written on a parchment scroll.

The text in Mezuzah is the prayer of Shema Yisrael, calling on the Israelites to love their God with all their heart, soul and strength. The Mezuzah is placed on all the door frames of the buildings. It is also a symbol of change and grace that is born in the eyes of human-being meaning that everything is fine, and if it is reflected in the mirror of the world then it is a way of changing, the path of humanity changes for the better.


Who am I now? A Biological creature that carries death? What was I doing before? What Should I do next? What are my hidden treasures? What can I believe and what can not?

Maybe I am really reborn and this birth is a transition from the unconscious to the conscious. This might be a way of personal transformation.

Director Bio

Multimedia artist and culture managers with an experience in visual art, film direction, and performance. Maka is the founder and creative director of Circe – the Experimental Platform for Dance and Theatre and has accomplished a number of experimental films and exhibitions under Circe’s name.

Understanding space, humanity, and technology is the general focus of the artist’s research and art practice. In her latest pieces, she has incorporated underrepresented topics such as Georgian mythology, ancient medicine, and ancient ecological experimentation from a female perspective. During the last years, the director has accomplished the short experimental films “Be Circled”, “Red Sun”,”Inked” and has received a number of awards at Lublin Dance and Dance Thatre Festival, International Dance Film Festival 国際ダンス映画 祭, Japan, International Dance and Dance Film Festival in Hamburg “TANZAHOi” , etc.

As a culture manager, Maka Kiladze collaborates with Georgian dancers/performance enthusiasts and venues (Khidi, Adjara Group, Goethe institute Gallery, CCA Tbilisi) and connects them to the international contemporary dancers and professionals. During the last years, she has curated showcases, workshops, and exhibition such as “Cintamine”, “VR Dance”, “Israel Dance Film Showcase”, “Tempus Fugit”, “Choreography of Care”, “Bauhaus Heritage and the white city of Tel Aviv”.


Director: Maka Kiladze
Choreographer: Michael Getman

Assistant choreographer: Ariel Gelbart
Producer: Mariam Jikia
Key Cast: Natia Bunturi
Music: Nathalie Basilaia
Camera: Saba Shengelia
Editing: Giorgi Tavshavadze
Animation: Ana Chaduneli





By pebbles

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