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“Cut Out” (00:04:10) by Alessandra Breviario, Italy, 2022

How can we trust what we see if it is just a cut out scene from the totality of existence? How do we define the subject of observation? Where does a body end and the rest begin? Are there lines or are we just undefined background noise?

“Cut Out” reflects on the distorted perception of reality as a constructed set of situations through a collection of visual studies of the body and its projection in space. It questions what makes a set of circumstances to be defined as real and investigates how the subjectivity of the point of view affects our understanding of a designed situation.

Dislocated figures, bodies as shapes, shadows as mutating surfaces; everything becomes noise if we look close enough.

Director Statement

In an era where everything is accessible to anyone, anywhere, at any time, my work concentrates on unique temporary experiences that only exist “now and here”. It aims at the creation of mental and physical spaces and investigates how these can affect people’s perception and relationship with others and the world. Within the intention of uncovering new ways to perceive the reality we live in, my practice attempts to re-enact a primordial, sensorial connection with the present time and to reshape our understanding of it.

Director Bio

Born in Milan in 1999, Alessandra Breviario is an emergent artist working across the fields of installation, video and sound art. After the studies in figurative painting in Italy, and in visual arts at HSPVA in Houston, TX, she moved to the UK, where she graduated in Fine Arts (Hons) at the University of the Creative Arts. She currently lives and works in Milan.

Director: Alessandra Breviario

Production assistant: Rachele Borsotti

Second Assistant: Mirco Menegat

Key Cast:

Martina Cacciabaudo

Cleonice Anselmi

Gabriele Alghisi




By pebbles

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