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“Never let me go” (00:08:42) by Ruzan Petrosyan, Armenia, 2017

Life is like the framing of the film, always in motion. You do not know the next step and what awaits you. And one day you leave, leaving behind everything. Life has sometimes forced you to leave your home, your country, your family, your friends … your love. And everything just becomes a memory. You are obliged to close this page of your life and start with a new one and with another language. But you would not or maybe it’s your choice. And deep in your heart, you would like someone or something to keep you and whisper secretly to your ear: “Never let me go”.

Director Bio

Currently the independent visual and conceptual artist from Yerevan, Armenia. Lived and studied in France for a short time. By my first profession, I am a cultural journalist. Visual and conceptual art, text, sound, movement, video and the portrait of human life have always interested me. I like to work in different genres, using different styles and techniques: video-art, video installation, videopoetry, experimental video, drawing-video-photo installation, video-performance.. etc. I like to travel and discover new horizons and to observe more people and more situations. In 2014, I created my first video performance “Let Me Hear Your Scream”, which was shown at a lot of international exhibitions and festivals. I am interested in such topics as national identity, gender equality, the role of women in the society, human rights, multiculturalism, ecology, and urbanism. While creating, I mainly tried to find ways to unite the humanity of the earth around a common idea. I like to work with a person in the center of my focus is a person, his mind, right and different cultures. In my work, I try to introduce human dialogue, talk about their problems, and the approaches of the people different nationalities on the same issue. I participated in various international exhibitions and festivals in Armenia and Europe. Which are Rencontres Internationales Traverse in Toulouse, Instants Vidéo numériques et poétiques in Marseille, Wake Up! – Climate Change! Festival in Cologne, Lacuna Festivals in Lanzarote. etc Recently my work has been shown in festivals in Indonesia and South Korea. In Armenia, I have recently been very actively cooperating with the ACCES gallery and participating in various exhibitions. I have also received several grants. Twice won a grant to attend the photo&video courses “Queering and Survival” (2021) & ”Exploring a void” (2018) at the Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts. As well I am a Winner of Hasratyan-Minasyan Foundation Grants Visual Arts Competition for my video installation project “Waiting for the..”

Director, Writer, Producer: Ruzan Petrosyan

Music: Arto Tunçboyacıyan





By pebbles

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