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“When the house is finished, death moves in” (00:01:22) by Mona Sophia Freudenreich, Germany, 2022

Waiting for death? The house is a deep in human history rooted symbol: it is a place of beginning and end, uterus and tomb, Birth and death. Due to this ambiguity, it initially promises primarily protection and security. Building a house can be a long-awaited initiation ritual, a settling down and asserting oneself in the material world. When the house is finished, it also reveals its eerie nature: it carries the character of a grave in itself. Freedom and autonomy correlate with dependence and Fear. Can only death move into the completed house? We have certainty in the fact that everything in life is exposed to change. It does not submit to the desire for constants or the supposed logic of successive stages of life and Time sequences. It is essential to constantly promote awareness in the Waiting for tomorrow not to lose today.


Director: Mona Sophia Freudenreich


By pebbles

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