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“YE/NO/MB” interactive video by Jonathan Moy de Vitry, Right Here / Right Now Productions, Finland. 2022

“YE/NO/MB” is a silly interactive movie featuring the adventures of Matti, an awkward but lovable young Finnish man, over the course of one white summer night in Helsinki.

Matti’s a bit drunk, so the audience must make decisions for him– Will he hook up with his crush or lose her–forever? Your call. On his way he may encounter a violent but misunderstood stalker or a Goddess.

Director Bio 

Born Asian-American and raised in the international community of Geneva, Switzerland, Jonathan Moy de Vitry is not just a cultural mix but also a multi-disciplinary professional. By training, he’s a manager with degrees in business and innovation management. Cognitively he’s a scientist with a techie itch. In his heart, he’s a new-media video artist, enthralled by elegant solutions to storytelling. Jonathan co-founded the “Right Here / Right Now Productions” company, where he writes/produces/directs/films/edits content tailored to a fickle era where every second of attention counts. 

Director, writer: Jonathan Moy de Vitry
Producer: Irini Kalaya
Key Cast:

  • Joona Möttö as “Matti”
  • Elina Jackson as “Elina
  • Otso Vaisänen as Drunk Man
  • Eveliina Puustinen as “Lempo”




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