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“Ruined Arbor (آلاچیق ویران)” (00:02:00) by Kasra Yazdani, Golrokh Hemmati, Iran, 2022

The work and music is based on an old Iranian poem about a carpet weaver girl weaving a carpet under a ruined roof. Images have been photographed from different carpets of Iranian, Turkish, and South Caucasian ethnicities such as Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and some from Morocco.

The poem “Ruined Arbor” is about the poet’s encounter with a girl who weaves carpets in the north of Iran. However, the work includes carpets from all over Iran,  from different ethnicities and clans living in the country. Each of them uses their own colors and motifs in their work. For example, the elements of the Qashqai carpet of Shiraz are very different from the Bakhtiari carpet of Khuzestan or the Laki carpet of Kashan. During the creation process, multiple big carpet collectors from outside Iran were also contacted for photos from their archives.

The entire creation of the work took more than two years. We have prepared a comprehensive archive of hand-woven Iranian carpets and a small archive of hand-woven carpets outside Iran. The video follows the motifs used in the carpets showing animal, plant, human and finally abstract woven carpet patterns.



Golrokh Hemmati was a student of fine arts in painting. She has held several individual and group exhibitions. Kasra Yazdani is also a graduate of animation and has had many personal experiences. This work is their third joint work.

Name of the Work: Ruined Arbor

Directors: Golrokh Hemmati, Kasra Yazdani

Producer: Kasra Yazdani

Singer & Composer: Mohsen Namjoo

Poem: Parviz Karimi

Editing: Kasra Yazdani

Photography: Golrokh Hemmati

Video: Hosein Paknahad

Graphic Design: Milad Gholami


By pebbles

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