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“Let My Body Eat the Sun” (00:36:41) by Christie Blizard, USA, 2021

This opera is an abstract reenactment of a series of ecstatic events that happened to me in the summer of 2015. 

Director Bio

Christie Blizard was born in rural Indiana and lives and works in Texas. Their work focuses on a series of mystical events that have occurred since 2015. Their work moves between music, poetry, and visual art, in an attempt to communicate beyond the death dimension. Since a communication with the ghost of Daniel Johnston in 2021, they have been working on their first full length album to be released next year.

They were a participant of Skowhegan in 2018 and attended MacDowell and Artpace. Shows include those at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, School of Visual Arts, Black Mountain College, Good Morning America, the Roswell UFO Convention, and the Today show. They have been featured in Hyperallergic, ArtNews, Art in America, and NY Arts Magazine. Recent and upcoming performances include those at Cloaca Projects in San Francisco, Interference Fest in Austin, TX, Ballroom Marfa, Skowhegan headquarters in NYC, and an opera in Fort Worth, TX at the Cowtown Coliseum. In the summer of 2023, they will be a resident at the Horizon Art Foundation. 


Director, writer: Christie Blizard

Producer: Sara-Jayne Parsons

Singer 1  Bronwyn White

Main character  Adrianna Touch

Singer 2 Antonia Valdez

Armadillo Adelynn Young

Tumbleweed Kim Phan Nguyen

Cactus Ashley Stecenko

Mattress Jazmin Gonzalez

Bird Lynné Bowman Cravens

Director, Music, Choreography, Lighting, Costume & Scenic Design, Camera 1, Christie Blizard

Camera 2, Chris Wicker

Camera 3, Justin Ferrell

Camera 4, Lynné Bowman Cravens

Production Manager, Sara-Jayne Parsons

Commissioned by Texas Christian University


By pebbles

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