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“Tempesta a “Les Fonts” d’una memòria” (Storm in the sources of a memory) (00:05:00) by Rrose Present, Spain, 2015

Part of “Information Devices” series.

In this series I work with democratic information devices. I transform the noise of all types of devices into a subjective poetic gaze which contrasts with the objective eye of the informational language.

I was recently stuck in the village where my mother was born, without wi-fi or television.

As the only entertainment I contemplated the trees outside the front door. One night I experienced the spectacle of nature in a storm that was like fireworks. So I filmed my first storm in Les Fonts with every device I had on hand: mobile, desktop and a cheap camera. With these, I made an assembly with textures using images and sounds to create a visual and auditory rhythm.  It was as if the lightning allowed me to draw from the dark night of oblivion the ghosts of the memory of my origins. Or, as if the snapshots were deconstructed when they returned to the present and they lost all the clarity of their origins.

Director Biography

“The image is a way to keep walking, learning from the images that come to me”

Rrose Present was born in Barcelona. She graduated in Fine Arts at the UB, Master of Philosophy in Contemporary Art at the UAB. She written in images from a critical “poetic” gaze, with a double sense of reality: the PRESENTIAL, using the body as a tripod for her emotions, and the RE-PRESENTATIONAL, with the series of “video ‘without camera’ reinterprets ‘world camera”‘.

From very conceptual beginnings her work leaves the literalness of the images to penetrate into the medial and formal experimentation, with the conscious and unconscious paths that these open. In the present she brings hes research on image and sound closer to positions in the language of experimental cinema.

Director, producer, montage, sound: Rrose Present


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