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“everyday” (00:01:59) by James Murphy, Ireland, 2015

Current practice combines the lens and natural movement to form a study of the everyday. It highlights the quotidian rituals that allow a foundation for our aspirations.

These video meditations of simple human movement against static objects are rendered monochrome, with intent to return attention to the everyday that has been relegated.

Director Bio

James Murphy is a visual artist practicing in Ireland. Actively exhibiting video art around the world and whose award winning art can be found in private collections. Predominantly dealing with themes on the existential, his work is minimalist and draws inspiration from existential philosophy, film and literature to help draw attention to fundamentals of everyday experience.

Director, producer: James Murphy


By pebbles

Pebbles Underground is focused on showcasing and promoting experimental, avant-garde, underground, and no-to-low budget projects by artist-humans from all over the world. Absurd, uncanny, witty, humorous, slow-video – all are welcomed, and loved. Pebbles Underground is an independent project not funded by any government or corporation, and we intend to keep it that way. Main source of funding is personal donations from humans organizing the project, who are artists themselves, and the main drive of the project is formed by the energy and involvement of the organizers, and the public.