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“AN ELEGY IN A DREAM” (00:18:36) by Nima Nikakhlagh, Iman Tash, Amir Sharif, Iran, USA, 2022

As a non-narrative audio-visual experience, the film itself is not fully realized until it is individually and subjectively interpreted by each viewer.

The main idea of the film is not to tell a story nor to simply entertain. We feel it is important that the audience not have been given any specific directions before viewing. When each audience member adds their own stories to the film, based on their own experiences, it is the moment when the making process of this film is realized. It is not until the viewer takes the film into their own consciousness that it becomes – in this way, cinema is a collaboration between the filmmakers and the audience.


Nima Nikakhlagh is a multidisciplinary artist, native to Iran, who arrived in the United States in 2014. He is currently living and raising his daughter in Western Massachusetts. His practice concerns itself with socio-political power dynamics, political resistance, and non-violent action approached in a poetic manner. Notably, he studied photography and film with Abbas Kiarostami over the course of several years and recently received his MFA in Studio Arts from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Nima’s works have appeared/been performed in Tehran (two consecutive years at the annual Performance Art Festival Thirty Performances, Thirty Artists, Thirty Days 2013, and 2014); San Francisco Art Institute (2016); New York City at the AiOP Festival (Art in Odd 2021 Places: NORMAL); Clermont-Ferrand, France at the International VIDEOFORMES FESTIVAL (2022), Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery in Torino, Italy (2022), Western Massachusetts, and New York. He recently published his first literary-performative book “Bodies, Languages, Truths”


Iman Tash is an Iranian documentary filmmaker and a graphic designer. His films essentially explore the historical themes of Iran through the lens of art and culture. His work employs a myriad of archival material, historical art, and cultural references. Tash currently works and lives in Tehran.

Amir Sharif is an Iranian Tehran-based photo/videographer and a performer. He has a multidisciplinary practice making work in documentary film, photography, and performance art medium. Sharif’s work challenges dominant ideas about knowing the body as an object and subject in contemporary time.

Directors: Nima Nikakhlagh, Iman Tash, Amir Sharif

Producers: Nima Nikakhlagh, Iman Tash

Writer: Nima Nikakhlagh

Music: Zhubin Kalhor


By pebbles

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