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“Joyride” (00:04:35) by Dina Yanni, Austria, 2023

“Joyride” is part 2 of the ongoing Elvis video-cycle. A synthesis of the digital and the analog glitch. 

VHS to digital. Fast Forward and slowed down. 

Source video: Blue Hawaii (1960)

Audio Sample: The Pink Room (1992), Angelo Badalamenti

Idea, Concept & Edit: Dina Yanni

Director Bio:

Dina Yanni is a video artist and researcher whose work is heavily influenced by popular culture and its politics, digital image manipulation, and critical theory. Through compilation and analysis of existing footage, experimental editing and/or data corruption, Yanni strives to reveal, reevaluate and reframe power structures discovered in the original materials. She is also a political scientist and publishes theory-based writing around the very same themes that inform her video work: the study of power structures behind visual representations and possibilities for counter-narratives. Dina Yanni holds a PhD in Political Science and an MA in Film Production. Her work has been exhibited at experimental film and video art festivals internationally.


An Interview with Dina Yanni 

Dina Yanni and the experimental editing:   

By pebbles

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