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“DISSOLUTION” (00:09:46) by Nima B. Djavidani, Thatiana Cardoso, Cyprus, 2023

“Dissolution” is an experimental short film that delves into the sensory experience of dilution within a surreal and dreamlike environment. Through the use of close-up shots and abstract angles, the film encourages the audience to fully immerse themselves in every detail. The ebb and flow of the tide, accompanied by a powerful soundtrack that creates tension, unifies seemingly contradictory concepts such as woman and man, birth and death, and ultimately, rebirth.


Thatiana Cardoso (Brazil,1984) is a visual artist, performer and video artist who works in the Fields of film, photography and drawing. Her works explore connections between the human body and household items, as well as themes of symbolic violence against women, and Romance Scam. In her artwork, objects breath, pulsate, and are tortured. Her early research focused on some of the unusual aspects of the living objects, and on the intentionality of constructing images that confuse the visual perception of the viewer. Born in São Bernardo do Campo (São Paulo, Brazil) in 1984, Cardoso holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Artes from Centro Universitário Belas Artes de São Paulo (2016) and a specialization in Art History: Theory and Criticism. In 2016, her movie “Intimamente” was awarded at the 3º Brazilian Short Film Festival, Incubadora de artistas, Atibaia, Brazil; and showed at the 21º Contis International Film Festival, France. In recent years, her films and video performances have been shown in several institutions in Brazil, The United States, England, France and Ukraine.

Nima B. Djavidani began his career path 24 years ago with an Olympus Om2 negative photo camera. He worked as an assistant photographer at his friend’s photo studio for three years before he became a freelance photographer. With his Hasselblad medium format camera, he specialized in studio photography and practiced fine art photography. Other than advertising and architectural photography, he has conducted around a dozen conceptual photo exhibitions held in well-known galleries inside and outside of Iran. After fifteen years in Iran’s competitive commercial photography industry, he began studying film theory and practice in academia to broaden his field of expertise. With his background in photography during the course of his studies he created a series of video art and experimental short films which were recognized in many festivals in Europe, Canada, Chile, and the United States. He got his Bachelor of Arts in tv and film studies at eastern Mediterranean university and is currently pursuing his education toward a master’s degree.

Directors, producers: Nima B. Djavidani, Thatiana Cardoso

Cast: Avishan Taghvashoar, Nima B. Djavidani, Thatiana Cardoso

Music: Siavash Amini

Director of Photography: Hamid Z. Hanjani, Nima B. Djavidani

Montage: Nima B. Djavidani

Sound: Ali Mohajer



By pebbles

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