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“Observer” (Osservatore) (00:02:04) by Milana Karaeva, North Ossetia-Alania, Italy, 2023

“Observer” is a manifestation of the crude and ruthless view of time on a person through the hour hand. 

Director Bio

I started my career with photography, then became interested in video. Now I am developing my skills in directing short form. I studied at the Moscow Film School, at the faculty of Filmmaking. Then I decided to continue my studies, but with a focus on Italian cinema. So, I entered the University of Turin and started studying Italian cinema.  Recently, I have started to be interested in the Video art format. I like that there are no restrictions in this art form. I plan to develop further in directing short films and video art.

Director, writer, producer: Milana Karaeva

Cast: Anastasiia Amelkina, Altynai Sadyrbekova, Tamerlan Zhumatai 

DOP, edit: Mike Mishin



By pebbles

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