The work was available on our website only for the period of the screening.

“BLACK SUN” (SOLE NERO) (00:19:15) by Angelo Armiero, Italy, 2012-2022

Through the tale of a bizarre dream, an enigmatic exploration of the dream world and the elements that can populate it.

Director Bio

I was born in the 1960s, and I have always been in love with the technique of animation, especially stop-motion. This technique sums up all the things I love to do and have studied for, drawing, graphics, building props, and observing the movement of things (in nature and its representation).

But I am still learning as a self-taught how to make animation! I started in the late 1970s with Super8, continued with 16-bit computers and video digitizers in the 1980s, and then returned to stop-motion in the early 2000s with computers finally becoming more powerful and animation software. But I do it mostly for fun. I make mostly animated short films, unhooked from any commercial rules, on my own and with a very low budget – and through these, I look for answers about myself: who I am, what I’m doing on this earth, where I’m going.

Director :   Angelo Armiero (SCRAUSO Produzioni)

Animation :   Angelo Armiero (SCRAUSO Produzioni)

Props :   Angelo Armiero  (SCRAUSO Produzioni)

Editing :   Fabio crisante

Colorist :   Andrea Gargano

3D models, 3D print :   Roberta Fontana

Casting :   Maquette Massimo Melloni

Coloring maquette :   Alessandra Allocco

Music :   dbpit (Spettro rec)


By pebbles

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