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“Black Glove: Androgynoire” (00:01:34) by DPNY, USA, 2022

“Black Glove: Androgynoire” is about reaching through the body to initiate androgynoire, a conjured Black genderqueer identity. This piece is about coming into personal power, awakening Voice during a time of transformation. In Androgynoire: Black Glove, “No!” is a complete expression which functions on multiple levels. It is an emotional experience of confusion, fear, and faith. It is in resistance to an old myth about the self, “No, no!”

Androgynoire is a performance interacting with an unreal body that has yet to catch up with the transformation of the spirit and psyche. This work recognizes that there are layers of change, palimpsests of the self. All of which we hope to speak in one resounding voice, but which harbor newly examined, newly released or newly noticed selves in times of transformation.

An experience of iterative clarification, this work is about reaching beyond the rigidity of complete self-knowledge in awakenings to gendered selves. The character tests the reality, receptivity and malleability of their body even as they lean into faith “en route” to the “No!” of self-assertion. “No” and “Faith” are a boundaried refrain, even as the character surrenders to the open-endedness of their layer-by-layer transformation.

Director Bio

DPNY is trained as an urban planner, spending their other time creating DIY-style video and sonic performances made with open-source software. They employ an autobiographical approach to investigating friction between internal and collective selves, and social and political pathologies. Their work circles the poetics of psychological survival and the tight spaces of self-scrutiny and transformation in response to these universal experiences.

Director, editing, sound: DPNY


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