The work was available on our website only for the period of the screening.

“VIVIDNESS BLOOMS” (00:56:10) by Laura Gillis, Canada, 2021

“VIVIDNESS BLOOMS” is a non-narrative, synaesthetic work. Moving and still images are used in a painterly style; music, motion, colour, inner and outer nature connect and blur our senses. This visual album is both a personal and ecological journey full of natural distortions, painting, mind-blinking, breathing, dreams and hallucinations. BLOOMS is composed of seven vignettes: I) Opening: Welcome to my primordial soup. II) Many Shades / Algae Bloom: Starting to dream on a moonlit night. Descent. III) Nocturnal Mycophagy: Brain spaces. The forest comes alive at night. IV) Photosynthesis / Bird Flight: WARNING: This video may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy: Eyeball tickling, ambiance, and assault. V) Eutrophication: Disentangling dance in flowing crystals. VI) Pigeon Scrawls / Hypoxia: Trapped in a proliferating thicket of writing. VII) Sink: Rainbows in hand and erasure.

Director Bio

Laura Gillis is based in Toronto, Canada. She does not come at video art creation from a film background, but as a musician, process-oriented artist/therapist, and earthy-footed human being, now transferring her aesthetic sensibilities to video creation. BLOOMS is her first foray into video art and expresses a love of sound and visual art, nature, existential themes, and desire to nurture synaesthetic experiences and thinking. She is pleased to have had selections from BLOOMS included in Diorama Room’s Tune in to Green exhibitions, and to have mesmerized backyard screening audiences this past summer.

Director, visual and video art: Laura Gillis

Music Laura Gillis (VIVIDNESS), Phil Marvy, Michelangelo Iaffaldano (Old Excellent), Seth Power (dssPower), Harpur Quee (HQ), Kathryn Merriam

Sound Mixing: powerSound

Titles and Art collaborator: Michelangelo Iaffaldano (Old Excellent)


By pebbles

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